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Eye-Xpress, House, Minimal, Chill out dj

What started as a Michael jackson fan evolved him into a breakdancer. Later this progressed to Hip Hop. Because of his love for dancing and music he knew, he wanted to share it with everyone surrounding him.
Then he discovered Progressive-House music and began his carreer as a dj and started spinning records in Afterclub Creamm. ♥
After a few years he paused his beginning carreer and moved to France, (familia things...) 5.5years , but then made the decision to come back to Belgium where it all begon for him.

He started to work again for the love of music, because it’s what he’s deeply passionate about. And now after two years (2015) of hard work, here he Finally is : Releasing house music on klangwerk rec, tres14, olé rec, judas rec, pure enjoyment recording monkey stereo records & ... hi has his alter ego called Siamonoise wich is more e melodic deep progressive sound with releases on Am strand, deephouse belgium, turning wheel records...

-_- ! Eye-Xpress ! -_-

Music is his way to connect with people and as a dj & producer he’s trying to make them feel something they’ve never experienced before.
He call's himself not a DJ but MAKING PEOPLE HAPPY.

Starting his debut with appearings in Feestgedruis,club Vaag, badboot, Strandwerpen, petrol, Decadance, Balmoral, (Klangwerk),kompassclub,club goud, Niche club,A.M club, Snowbox, France, Milaan, amsterdam ....

He's doing what eye loves and it's going pritty good so far!

Thank you for the support and love for eye-xpress!! ♥
YOU are my energy!


Jokerz and Shakerz

Just a little Fever 105 (d...

i baffi stra


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Eye-Xpress, House, Minimal, Chill out dj

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Eye-Xpress è un DJ di gent. Eye-Xpress suona musica House, Minimal & Chill out. Eye-Xpress ha ricevuto nessuna prenotazione verificata con Gigstarter. Si è registrato il 11/04/2017.

La musica di Eye-Xpress è influenzata da artisti famosi come shaf huse, wade, detlef, eddy m, elrow, afterlife, ... . Il repertorio di Eye-Xpress consiste in cover e inediti.

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