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Vicky Merlino, Trance, Techno, Chill out dj

Born on February 18th , the first track he mixed for fun in 97 with DANIELE FRANZON, was at Alpheus Club in Rome and was called PEACE FROG from DOORS. .
This was his first appearance behind the Console. His first real gig was 2002 at the WOODOO LOUNGE where he mixed rhythms to the likes of CHILL and then finish using a mix of CHILL HOUSE SOUNDS. After his experience at WOODOO, during the year 2003 he flew and lived in was there that he discovered new DJ's and most of all new sounds.
After mixing at various private after parties on the Island he then returned to Italy where he became Resident on Thursday nights in the Privee' section at CLOCK mixing various "chill out" Rhythms and touching just the tip of sought after Deep House. He becomes the Founder of the annual event BEFORE AND AFTER TEA IN THE MAGIC MUSHROOMS HOUSE which took place for the first time in June 2000
His gigs for 2004/2005 included many appearances behind the console in the privee lounge section of the very well know Friday night organization called MUCCASSASINA at the Club QUBE in Rome where a more uplifting sound of House music prevailed. He also found himself behind the Console of the well know Roman club ALIBI on December 1st 2004 for the world fight against Aids event. 2005 saw him resident DJ at THE LUX in Italy where alternating between Deep House and psy-Trance was the mix that kept clubbers dancing all night long. he still mixes at the best weekend afterparties in Rome dedicating himself to rhythms that push one hard yet applying timed rhythmic melodies to compensate and uplift.
He has recently mixed at the famous Rome parties all well known spots for the clubbers of Rome of all music types. 2006/2007/2008 dj resident at -alibi club. i played this year in italy,spain,germany,holland,hungary,thailandia,Panama..and another country.


2010 start the new project with best friend (dj,producer and musician)VICTOR F.QBEEK.the project name is DUOLOGIC.
in 2013 start a project with KOORIE called KIDS on the MOON. and in 2014 start a big project with KODRA called ALIEN VISITORS

Natural Rolling Ep. was 1' position of the Top 10 Psy-Trance of Beatport!!!



Natural Rolling


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Vicky Merlino, Trance, Techno, Chill out dj

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Gigstarter di Vicky Merlino

Vicky Merlino è un DJ di Roma. Vicky Merlino suona musica Trance, Techno & Chill music. Vicky Merlino ha ricevuto nessuna prenotazione verificata con Gigstarter. Si è registrato il 17/01/2018.

La musica di Vicky Merlino è influenzata da artisti famosi come neelix tristan liquid soul. Il repertorio di Vicky Merlino consiste in solo canzoni originali.

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