Vincent O'Brien

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Vincent O'Brien, Americana, Blues, Folk soloartist

Originally from Dublin, I am now based in Manchester, I am a singer songwriter, a solo artist playing regularly across the North West as well as around the UK and Europe.

My performances feature a rich, resonant, acoustic guitar sound complemented by harmonica, slide guitar and lap steel generating the melodic and often melancholic tones that characterise my music. 

My shows feature original songs along with performances of Classic Americana, Folk and Acoustic Blues. Influences include Tom Petty, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Ry Cooder, The Band, Gillian Welch, Buffy St Marie, and Nina Simone, along with classic blues artists such as Robert Johnson, John Lee Hooker and Muddy waters.

I have released two albums of original songs; “The Man From The Moon’ July 2017 and “One Day… “ August 2017. A third album of social commentary and protest songs, “Speaking Out” is due for release in December 2017.

Ursprünglich aus Dublin, ich wohne heute in Manchester. Ich bin ein "Singer-Songwriter": ein "Solo Artist", der regelmässig über den Nord-West England, und auch den ganzen Vereinigtes Königreich und Europa spiele.

Meine Aufführungen beinhalten einen vollen, resonanten Akustikgitarrenklang, ergänzt mit einer Harmonica, Slide-Gitarre, und Lap-Steel-Gitarre. Das Kombination macht eine melodische, und oft melancholische Klangfarbe, die meine Musik definiert.

Meine Konzerte enthalten Originallieder und auch klassik "Americana", "Folk" und "Acoustic Blues". Einflüße sind unter Anderem Tom Petty, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Ry Cooder, The Band, Gililan Welch, Buffy St Marie und Nina Simone, und auch klassik Blueskünstler zum Beispiel Robert Johnson, John Lee Hooker und Muddy Waters.

Ich habe zwei Albums, beide Originallieder, veröffentlicht: "The Man from The Moon" Juli 2017 und "One Day..." August 2017. Eines drittes Album "Speaking Out" (Sozialkommentar und Protestlieder) wird Dec 2017 veröffentlicht.

Originario de Dublín, estoy establecido en Manchester en la actualidad. Soy cantante y compositor, un solista que toca habitualmente tanto por el Noroeste como por todo el Reino Unido y Europa.
Mi puesta en escena muestra un sonido potente y rico de guitarra acústica complementado con armónica, registros de slide y lap Steel, creando los tonos melódicos y a menudo melancólicos que caracterizan mi música.
Mis conciertos se componen de canciones originales junto con versiones de música clásica americana, folk, blues acústico. Mis influencias incluyen a Tom Petty, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Ry Cooder, The Band, Gilian Welch, Buffy St. Marie y Nina Simone, además de artistas clásicos del blues tales como Robert Johnson, John Lee Hooker y Muddy Waters entre otros.
He publicado dos álbumes de canciones propias; “The Man from the Moon” (El hombre de la luna) en Julio de 2017 y “One Day… “ (Algún día..) en agosto de 2017. El tercer álbum de contenido y protesta social, “Speaking Out” (Hablando claro) estará listo para su publicación en Dec de 2017.


Angel of Mercy

Vampire in the Neighbourhood

I Don't Belong


Da il 03/07/2018

Het was een geweldig optreden!!!!een ongelooflijke stem prachtig gitaarspel een variatie van prachtige emotionele zelfgeschreven nummers en mega goed gebrachte covers van o.a BOB Dylan neil young enz.
Er werd bij ons gezegd dat deze artiest op GROTE podium zou moeten staan
We raden iedereen aan deze artiest te boeken

Da il 10/10/2017

Vincent O Brien- Vincent has played several gigs for the Papillon Promotions team over the last 2/ 3 years at various venues across Manchester: often as a solo artist and occasionally with a full backing band.He has always been very easy to deal with in the run up to an event and has kept to all arrangements. As a multi-instrumentalist and scholar of various musical genres, Vincent has the capacity and luxury of being able to deliver a unique and different styled performance according to the wont and whim of any given audience and venue. Vincent's shows are characterised by a willingness to entertain and to engage an audience. He is equally comfortable belting out 'The Blues' to a toe tapping packed house, as he is in presenting his more poetical, story-telling type songs to a quieter environment. Its never the same performance and never the same set-list, which ensures every show always holds a certain level of intrigue to the listener. Incorporating elements of Blues, Jazz, Rock,Traditional, and Modern Folk into his repertoire of original music, as well as being able to breathe new life into better known cover versions, always makes for a great live experience, whether you are seeing him for the first time or the tenth.

Da il 03/10/2017

Vincent is a good friend but even so, highly professional and always polished. He takes his music seriously and so he should. We were thrilled to have him play at The Spinning Top Sessions this summer. Vincent is the sort of artist who quietens a room by merely beginning his performance. No introduction is needed. A well respected musician on the Manchester scene and beyond, he takes us back to his Irish roots and then way over the pond to the US with his timeless folk originals and authentic reworks of classics. A favourite with everyone. Thanks Vincent!

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Vincent O'Brien, Americana, Blues, Folk soloartist

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Vincent O'Brien è un solista di Manchester. Vincent O'Brien suona musica Americana, Blues & Folk. Vincent O'Brien ha ricevuto 4 prenotazioni verificate con Gigstarter. Si è registrato il 01/03/2018.

La musica di Vincent O'Brien è influenzata da artisti famosi come Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Loudon Wainwright, Ron Sexsmith,. Il repertorio di Vincent O'Brien consiste in cover e inediti.

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