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Alexey Grankowsky, Electronic, Dance, Techno dj

Alexey Grankowsky – Composer and Producer, created Ambient, Dream,Trance,Electronic. Born in Soviet Union(URSS) half-of-a-life raised in Italy.
My research on melodic compositions for ambient, dream, techno and electronic minimal music – I mostly arranged the sound with a passion for astronomy and strutting concepts on dance floors. Music, all sounds and melodies are all composed and created entirely by myself in the studio . The music has been developed and played live during shows and live exhibitions.
Grankowsky’s musical evolution proceeds equally step with that of science, physics and astronomy. Driven by a strong curiosity towards the mystery that hides Space, music becomes an excuse to depict a distant place where the human contamination disappears and the indifference of the earth
becomes a stranger. In 2014 he published his first album with the name of art Pinolik element, which presents itself with excellent intuitions, by those he laid the foundations of his artistic music career. However he awaits 2015 to take a more shape complex: Oblivion comes out, this time under the name of Alexey Grankowsky. In this album he studies human nature, his loneliness in search of a momentum towards the future.







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Alexey Grankowsky, Electronic, Dance, Techno dj

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Gigstarter di Alexey Grankowsky

Alexey Grankowsky è un DJ di Trieste. Alexey Grankowsky suona musica Elettronica, Dance & Techno. Alexey Grankowsky ha ricevuto nessuna prenotazione verificata con Gigstarter. Si è registrato il 16/05/2019.

La musica di Alexey Grankowsky è influenzata da artisti famosi come Christian Löffler,Apparat,. Il repertorio di Alexey Grankowsky consiste in solo canzoni originali.

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